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Lew Steiger, videographer/historian, Grand Canyon River Guides:  "Barb's literary sense and ability to punctuate give you a great sense of the narrator's personality from the printed page--even without listening to the tape."

Karen J. Underhill, emerita head of Special Collections and Archives, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University:  "Jardee Transcription produces the highest quality interview transcripts I have had the pleasure to read.  Barb's abilities go well beyond impeccable accuracy and adherence to oral history transcription standards and ethics.  She has a gift for capturing the 'feel for the facts.'  She is prompt and professional, and her work has always surpassed our expectations.  All this and a reasonable cost, too."

Lyn Papanikolas, historian:  "For our oral history transcripts, I'm a perfectionist when it comes to spelling, punctuation, and consistency in style and form.  Barb unfailingly meets my expectations."

Rebecca L. Fitzsimmons, University of Florida Libraries:  "Thank you for doing the work for us so quickly. The files look wonderful and it will definitely make the content more accessible."