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Digital files (wav, mp3, mp4, and others), as well as audio cassette tapes.  Running time of digital recordings will appear at least once per page in transcript.

Interviews of all kinds, including oral history, scholarly research, family history, personal journals, corporate histories, conference or seminar speakers, radio and television broadcasts, book manuscripts, magazine articles.

Spellings are researched using the Internet, specialized dictionaries, atlases, encyclopedias, and reference lists provided by clients.  We pay close attention to homonyms, and judge from the context which is the correct word to use (i.e., there, their, they're).  We also listen carefully to determine exactly what a speaker is saying, (i.e., "recognize speech," or "wreck a nice beach.")  We catch mistakes that spell check does not, such as "John Doe is now graduating," rather than "not graduating."  The words do not flow in our ears, down our arms, and out our fingers--we participate intellectually in the interview, devoting our entire attention to accuracy of transcription.

Documents are proofed twice:  once with the recording to ensure no words were left out, added, or misheard; and a second time without the recording to ensure the punctuation accurately reflects the intention of the speakers.  "Woman without her man is lost," takes on a vastly different connotation when punctuated, "Woman:  without her, man is lost."

Personal Attention

You work directly with the person transcribing your work--no outsourcing.

Delivery of Documents is via the Internet.  If you need a printed document, a small fee will apply.

Please get in touch:

                              barbjardee@msn.com (mention transcription in the subject line)

                                                            520-325-6121 (ask for Barb)